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Free 14 day trail

No Rules, Just Tools

We offer you the most efficient tools to guide you in your writer's journey. Choose the ones that suit you the best.

Free 14 day trail

If you're a plotter, pantser or plantser

Write exciting dialogue that will hook your readers


Create characters with unique voice


Easy to understand story and scene structure


Get exclusive tool you will not find anywhere else

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The problem

Writers are wasting precious writing time trying to find tools to improve their craft, but the learning curve is long, and often they wonder if they have what it takes to write a great story. The world needs inspiring stories to help us grow, change and evolve. Don't give up!

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The Solution

We spent thousands of hours listening to podcasts and audiobooks, reading books, and watching videos to sort out the most efficient tools and methodologies to become better writers.

By creating this website, we simplified the processes to reduce your learning curve to a minimum, so you can become a better writer faster.

There are no rules. You chose the tools that will help you the most.

The Plan


Step 1

Join for Free 


Step 2

Use the tools to accelerate your learning curve


Step 3

Create engaging scenes and characters that your readers will love


Step 4

Become a good writer and share your stories with the world

Free 14 day trail

Use the structure that all great stories have in common, and create the pitch that will set you quickly in the right direction to start writing.

Give life to your characters through dynamic dialogue, voice modulation and emotional flow.

Keep all of your information in one in one secure database.

Hi, I'm Eric!


I'm a writer, just like you, and a certified continuous improvement Black Belt. I'm the founder of Author On Fire and I'm here to help you in your writing journey.

I'm here to help. Click on this image next to a tool, to view a video on how to use it.

Write the novel that's you've been dreaming of for so long and that readers will be longing for. Be the Author that will set your readers on fire.


Stop wondering if you have what it takes to become a successful author. You just need the right tool presented in the most efficient fashion. Stop delaying your dreams, before it's too late.


Become the successful author you know you can be with the right guidance. The world is waiting for talented authors that have marvelous stories to tell. This could be you!

Free 14 day trail

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